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Visa applications

We are here to ease the stress and hassle of applying for your visa.
Center For Education Network (CEN) provides visa advice to ensure you are kept up to date on all the latest information on visa requirements and conditions.
Our experienced counsellors will guide you through the application process and help you prepare the necessary documents for your submission.

We can help provide guidance for visa interviews (if applicable) and provide you with a helpful checklist of requirements.

Information sessions to help you prepare for departure
Preparing to study abroad can be daunting. The CEN team contains experts in all aspects of studying overseas. They can answer your queries and help settle your nerves.
Center For Education Network (CEN) hosts pre-departure briefings throughout the year to help prepare you for student life in your new country.

At the briefing, you will receive information about:
• Student life in your new country
• Adapting to the culture
• How to deal with homesickness.
You will also have the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students and future classmates.
We can also advise you on ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, opening a bank account and international calling cards.

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