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Who we are and what we do

We provide tours to Rwanda, holidays in Rwanda, homestays and much more. Whether you wish to visit Rwanda, have a holiday in Rwanda, tour the countryside and National parks or take a trip to the renowned mountain gorillas, we can arrange it all. We’re happy to arrange a family holiday to Rwanda or a group trip to Rwanda, whether it be a short homestay or a longer tour, we can help. What else can we offer?
Center for Education Network lets you experience the Real Rwanda by opening the doors to beautiful family homes and engaging hosts.
Rwanda is easy to find on the map but the real Rwanda, rich with experiences is more elusive. It is a land of such dizzying diversity, that local insight is not just a luxury but essential to its discovery. We take travelers to a world that no hotel chain could hope to uncover. It is truly named a thousand hills from this connotation.

About Us
Every member of our staff has extensive experience in travel and the travel industry, and everyone has travelled around Rwanda! So you’ll always be dealing with people who know Rwanda, have experienced Rwanda, and have a passion for sharing the beauty of this incredible country. Moreover as education is our prime concern; we pride ourselves in intercultural education exchange and homestay programs for our prospective visitors from different educational institutions across the world.
We are here to help you have an adventure in Rwanda, but to do so comfortably. To get off the beaten track, but to still know where you’re going. We can arrange itinerary packages for our clients depending on their background such as students, missionaries, businessmen, Clergymen, etc.

What’s a Rwandan Homestay?
By staying with us you get a guide, a cultural advisor and a fellow explorer all rolled into one. This is an opportunity to experience the real Rwanda: Not to simply see the locals, but to live alongside them. To get behind the scenes, beyond the guide books and into the Rwanda tourists rarely get to glimpse.

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