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Cost of Living in South Korea

The national currency of South Korea is the “won”. In October of 2013, 1061 won was equivalent to 1 U.S. dollar.
Depending on where one lives, one can rent an apartment and enjoy sports and leisure-related activities in South Korea for about the same price as one can in many parts of the United States. Groceries, clothing, private transportation, and the purchase prices of apartments, however, are typically higher in South Korea than they are in the U.S. Meanwhile, public transportation, utilities, and restaurants are typically less expensive in South Korea than they are in the U.S. Overall, the cost of living in South Korea is slightly higher than it is in the United States. Salaries, however, are slightly lower.
South Korea has a technologically advanced transportation system comprised of highways, bus routes, ferries, and high-speed railways. Travel by air is also a popular mode of transportation. As mentioned above, public transportation is relatively cheaper than public transportation in the U.S. Private transportation, or purchasing a car and buying gasoline, however, is more expensive in South Korea than it is in the U.S.

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